Intrigued to discover the ancient wonders of Egypt? Egypt has a lot more to offer than just the Pyramids and Sharm El Sheikh. It's an absolutely huge country that still has many hidden Gems. Most people will have heard of Cairo, Egypt's Megacity with over 20 Million people! The famous pyramids of Giza are just 20 minutes away from here. But did you know there are a lot more pyramids in Egypt that are scattered around the country? Egypt has a lot to offer to visitors and caters for all kinds of travellers. It's home to some of the best all inclusive resorts at the red sea, where you will see the most amazing Marine life but also offers some more off the beaten track style accommodations like desert camping and small boutique hotels for the more adventurous traveller. And did I mention the historic Nile runs through the country, which you can't miss of course?

Let's also not forget it has great weather to escape some of that never ending winter in Europe. Ideal times to visit are Spring (March/ April) and Autumn/ Winter (September - December). So now that you might be intrigued to visit and trying to decide which areas of Egypt to actually spend your holiday in let me give you a quick overview of the different options that are available to you, as Egypt is a very large country and it is difficult to do everything that is has to offer in one trip. Hence let me tell you about the best places to visit in Egypt and then you can decide which are the most interesting for you.

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Egypt's Capital city, located right on the Nile. You cannot go to Egypt without visiting Cairo. It's a crazy, colourful, loud, fun, dirty, wild and friendly city! Definitely worth a visit. You haven't seen Egypt if you haven't been to Cairo. It's super cheap and you will eat like a King here. Cairo is bustling with markets and people and you will definitely find some beautiful souvenirs to take back. Khan El-Khalili market is one of the famous ones. You will also need to visit Old Cairo and all the mosques and palaces. From Cairo you can also do many Day trips to other nearby places (pyramids, Desert, Nile cruise). Cairo is flooded with beauty, but of course beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Not everyone will see the beauty of Cairo unless you are tuned into it. Some people will find Cairo too hectic and dirty and people can/ will hassle you a bit. However the people don't do it in an unfriendly way, they are just curious about you. It is a safe place to be and also safe to bring kids. However if you are a bit apprehensive about visiting Egypt / Cairo on your own you might like to join a group trip to feel more at ease. I organise family group trips and individual organized trips to Egypt (off the beaten track travel) and would be more than happy to arrange something like this for you to take the hassle/ anxiety away. However all in all Egypt is a safe place to travel, even for solo female travellers but of course you need to be aware of your surroundings no matter where you go and expect some male attention.

Fayoum Oasis

Only 3 hours car journey from Cairo, this desert oasis is definitely not to be missed, especially if you are going to be passing through Cairo. Fayoum is a slow paced Egyptian village, home to pottery making and artistic crafts. You will be entranced by the laid back life here. Not very well known to tourists outside of Egypt it is considered a hidden gem as it's not overflown with tourists. It is a so called oasis as it's a very lush area of land with lakes in the middle of the desert. The landscape is spectacular and I would truly recommend a visit here, especially if you are a fan of the less touristy spots. It's also home to a beautiful nature reserve with Egypt largest Waterfalls Wadi El Rayan.


A Haven for the package holiday lovers and known for its all inclusive resorts. Sharm-el-Sheikh offers some of the best diving and snorkelling worldwide as it's located very conveniently on the Red Sea. Perfect for Families who enjoy relaxing at the beach or couples sipping cocktails at the hotel pool. You will see the most amazing colourful fish here just dipping your head in the ocean. There are direct seasonal flights between Europe and Sharm-el-Sheikh airport and if there isn't you can get a flight from Cairo that's around 45 minutes.


Located at the Red Sea, just 1 hour drive away from Sharm-el-Sheikh, you will find the little hippy town Dahab. It's famous for it's diving and hippy vibes. It has a very different feel to Sharm-el-Sheikh as there are less tourists , no resorts and a more chilled atmosphere. You will find boutique hotels, hostels ,campsites and many cafes here. Many of the expats that live in Egypt, live in Dahab or holiday here. You will find that both Sharm-el-Sheikh and Dahab have spectacular  mountain views of and the beautiful Red Sea with all it's array of beauty. Dahab in my eyes could be a little bit compared to the Bali of Indonesia with all it's gypsy vibes but less of the nightlife.


A very historic area of Egypt, home to some of the oldest temples in the world. Located on the Nile, around 8 hours south of Cairo, both of these cities are a must see when visiting Egypt especially if you are a history lover.  Winter is a good time to visit here as temperatures are on average higher here than in the rest of Egypt. Spending your Christmas on a cruise ship or a felucca on the Nile would be a dream to most people, but indeed easily realised. Small cruise ships and Felucca boats do regular trips between Luxor and Aswan on a daily basis and cost on average 600$ per person for a 4 night trip  including all your meals. 


This is where the famous and ( highest) Pyramids of Egypt are located. Many people think they are located in Cairo , but actually Giza is a different District. However it's only 20 minutes from Cairo by car and very easily accessible. I recommend you get yourself a tour guide when visiting the pyramids as  this will really help you understand all the history that this place has to offer. Another reason why to organise a tour guide to go with you is that you will otherwise be harassed continuously while there by people offering their services as tour guide or transport provider which really takes away from the experience of just enjoying the pyramids. Feel free to DM me on Instagram if you would like a contact for a reputable and professional tour guide. I would also highly recommend you to visit some of the museums, especially the new one if it's open to the public yet. (Planned to open January 2023)

Siwa Oasis

Yet another Oasis in Egypt, but spectacular nevertheless. Located in the West of Egypt, fairly close to Libya you will find Siwa with its Salt water lakes and natural hot springs. The salt water lakes have the most turquoise blue water you will ever see and you will float on it like an air filled balloon, due to the high salt content. Siwa is a spectacular place to visit where life is slow and traditions of high importance. Iit is somewhat difficult to get to as you would need to take a night bus from Cairo ( 12 hours) to get here with many security stops along the way. However if you do make it to visit this beautiful Oasis you definitely won't regret your decision


Whilst we can organise your flights and accommodation, be it in a boutique hotel or well known luxury hotel group, we also work very closely with  specialists living in Egypt who can offer bespoke out of this world tours (escorted and independent) to make your trip to Egypt one you will never forget. Please get in touch with us and/or see for further information on these tours. 



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